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I sat here thinking "what will I call this page ?" - hence the odd title.It's all sorts of things that don't fit anywhere else - an ecclectic collection.Here you will find links to, "how-to " items, maybe archive photos not in the gallery - just things that are useful, interest or amuse .....enjoy....Webmistress Jude
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Green beadHow to make a fluted skirt view/download pdf

How to make a "star" veil (reproduced from archived Sistrum) - view/download pdf

How to make an 8-point over skirt - view/download pdf

Dancers Shorthand - an aid to choreography - view/download pdf

How to make a sequinned face veil - view/download pdf

Princess Shaharas's skirt workshop leaflet download/view pdf

Useful information for women regarding the Pelvic Floor - visit the APA website for further information - printable pdf leaflet
also now available in Brisbane - non invasive - Pelvic Floor Gym - info:

"Behind the Veil" - blast from the past - by request - Editions :one|two|three|four|five|six|seven|eight|nine (final)

Swords and the Law - what you need to know

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